From Dawn Through Dusk at Kudle Beach

It was nearing a special day of February, there comes our quick decision for a weekend getaway to Gokarna. We’ve got the bus tickets reserved and arranged accommodation at Kudle Beach. As been there before, it was one of my favorite getaway stops during the winter.


It has been only a month since the new year, so the beach was lively with many shacks and water sports. We started the day with a continental breakfast.


Access to this beach has some limitation, as you need to trek a bit to reach over there (no vehicle access) and that makes this beach a serene place for relaxation – typically quiet and less crowded.  After hanging out for a while with a cup of tea, we went for a boat ride.

The boat took us to various viewpoints and other isolated beaches like ‘half-moon’ beach and ‘om beach.’  Post lunch, we engaged in some water sports activities.  We socked in beautiful moments with kids and family, and later we enjoyed the scenic beauty of the sunset.


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